• Candidates may submit their proposal through the following link until 23:59 Curaçao time, on January 30th 2020.
  • The entrepreneur most be registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Curacao.
  • Applicants may submit all the ventures they want, provided that it is a clearly different project, and that the application is made within the established deadline.
  • Through the registration process candidates make the following statements: Who know, accept and comply with the rules of the "Sambil by Curaçao" contest.
  • That the candidate (s) that present the venture are duly authorized to do so, as well as to carry out the necessary procedures and / or actions during the validity of the contest.
  • They irrevocably authorize the use of their Sambil Curaçao image in the framework of the “Sambil By Curaçao” Contest. That they have obtained the necessary authorizations regarding the use of the image of third parties that appear in the video provided by virtue of their application.
  • That they accept the “Data Protection Clause” and consent to their treatment in accordance with what is indicated therein. That the information provided is reliable.