Website: http://www.cinemarkca.com

Phone: +5999 735 1375

Experience cinema like it was intended! This state of the art cinema provides a movie experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the Caribbean. It features custom wall-to-wall screens, comfortable seats that recline, and the award winning XD surround sound system that makes you feel as if you are a part of the movie. The projectors are capable of producing over 35 TRILLION colors! Want more? Try the new D-Box seating. THE D-BOX is the newest, unique, award winning cinematic motion watching experience. Sit in a D-Box enabled seat and feel the action on the screen as you are literally IN the movie.
Don’t forget the snacks in the lobby to complete your perfect movie experience. Cinemark is also an idea place for your private party or company function. Don’t wait to hear about it, come and experience it for yourself.


Phone: +5999 735 2346

Mail: kidisparkcuracao@gmail.com

Give your little ones a real treat while you relax and catch your breath from shopping. Kidis Park is a safe, fully padded, interactive park designed with your child in mind. As they run, play, and stretch their imagination, you can relax in comfort while enjoying a snack, coffee, or drink.
Kidis Park is also the picture perfect place for private birthday parties. Just call and let us help you create a party your children will be talking about for years to come. Magic is what we do


Phone: +5999 735 1324
Mail: info.strikezonecuracao@gmail.com

Let loose. Be fun. Get Social.
Strike Zone is the perfect place for all three. Six fully computerized lanes and helpful staff see that your experience regardless if you have ever bowled or not are first rate. They also offer a full liquor bar, snacks, and billiard tables, more. Don’t forget Strike Zone is the number one place to host a team-building event for your company, or private party. Call for information on how to book yours today.


Phone: +5999 – 520 08 87

Mail: khalid@nova-moda.com

Zero Gravity, like the name suggests is the only trampoline park on the island. Bounce, jump, or fall into harmless pits filled with foam laughing all the way. This is truly a dream come true for those active children and young adults to really let go and have fun! Private parties are available. Call for details and book yours today.


Barbara Beach entrance

We are all fascinated by trains. Imagine riding one inside a shopping center! The Family Train takes children and adults on a fun ride across Sambil. Bring your loved ones and enjoy the journey!


Phone: +5999 735 2952


The newest and most complete Fitness Center on Curacao is at Sambil Mall. The trainers at Oxygen Gym take a holistic approach to your wellness, addressing the full spectrum of health. This 800m2 facility is packed with state of the art Technogym equipment. We offer personal training, spinning class, and so much more.

Oxygen Fitness Zone should be the place where you begin your new adventure to a stronger, more balanced, and more flexible you. Stop by today and to begin your journey



Phone: +5999 – 695 2252


It is time to get your game on. What are you waiting for? You’ll never qualify for the Curaçao Football Federation playing Xbox! Train to be an even better football player, or just come with your friends for a friendly pick up game. Either way, the excitement awaits you on the pitch.


Near the Caracas Baai entrance, right in front of La Dulceria

The Baby Corner is a clean and safe play area for babies and toddlers to share, crawl and explore! It offers a break for mom as well. We all know the value and importance for a baby to be active and play. An active baby is a healthier and happier baby. And the bonus prize, it is free!