Its a Spanish firm specialized in women’s lingerie and corsetry, belonging to the textile group Cortefiel.
The brand, was founded in 1993, being the first brand specialized in intimate clothing in Spain. It is a brand with worldwide presence and are pioneers in the market for intimate clothing and lifestyle. It began a decade ago its international expansion and already has establishments in 65 countries and today has 654 points of sale.
Women Secret is designed to become the favorit brand of underwear, sleepwear, and swimwear, for women 25-45 years old, who want to feel pretty, comfortable and sexy every day, and all the time. Lingerie, swimwear, casual clothing, fragrances or accessories are some of the firm’s products, which has among its lines of business special maternity collections, bridal corsetry or men’s underwear.
Women Secret is designed for women aged 25 to 45, cosmopolitan, natural, feminine and sensual. Dynamic, innovative, curious and active women, to whom age does not matter, but who want to feel beautiful, comfortable and sexy. It is a global profile, which shows the highest growth among the other objectives.

CONTACT: +5999 7352977

UNIT:  L-41