Sambil is a successful construction company in Latin America. In 1958, the distinguished engineer Salomón Cohen Levy founded Constructora Sambil in Caracas. Since then he developed and managed an impressive number of apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels. In 1998, Sambil opened its first shopping center in Caracas. Its success branched out to other Venezuelan cities such as; Valencia, Maracaibo, San Cristóbal, Paraguaná, Barquisimeto and the island of Margarita.

The family business, now in its third generation is still continuing on this path focusing on expanding the company. The first shopping mall outside of Venezuela was opened in 2012 in the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The company RECENTLY OPENED ITS NEWEST CONCEPT, Sambil Outlet Madrid in Spain, AND WORK IS UNDERWAY FOR Sambil Outlet Puerto Rico, USA. All with the same concept:

Sambil is “More than a shopping mall”
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