On the weekend of December 15th, Sambil hosted the first Curaçao International Boat Show 2017.  This was an amazing boat show which exposed more than 20 boats and Sea-doo’s in the hall-ways of Sambil Curacao. The Boat Show was a huge success. A big thank you goes to Caribbean Lighthouse Marina, Alexander Pereira who has been working for years together with Creative Sound & Lighting and QUBE to make this amazing event possible this year!

It has been an honor for us to see how we have grown together as a Shopping Mall over the last 2 years. Sambil has created a whole different view of exhibitions in the mall industry – with bird-, auto-, and now boat shows.

People across the city visited this incredible event. During the weekend we saw a lot of boat fans taking pictures; interacting with the representatives of the boat / insurance organizations and others were even interested in buying and taking one of these babies home. The chosen time frame was perfect! Tell us, what is better than combining holiday season shopping with a remarkable boat show?!