Kids Dance Competition

On Saturday May 19th, Sambil Shopping Mall hosted for the first time the Kids Dance Competition. We are proud of the 5 young and talented kids who participated in this Dance Competition. Our kids are really talented and full with courage! They hit the stage and showed what they got in front of the crowd at Sambil.

At Sambil we love kids, that’s why we handed a gift to each participant to stimulate them in the future. It’s amazing when we see real talent in our kids! But we also know that “talent without working hard is nothing!”. This quote was affirmed by our judging panel, special guest The Explosion Dancers! A special thanks goes to Epk, Gef and Kidis Park who sponsored this event with nice gifts.

Stay tuned for our next level of Sambill Dance Competition this summer! We will be waiting for you!

Dare to Battle at Sambil Shopping Mall!