It’s a new week with lots to share with you! Here we go! On Monday January 23rd we raffled the two tickets to Miami with Insel Air and Mr. Francis Cudgou was the lucky winner! The excitement doesn’t stop there, he also took home Fl. 500 to spend on his trip. Tuesday, we welcomed the Team of Hak’E for their press conference at 5pm at the main stage Hak’E. Their big event will be held on February 18th at our parking lot. This coming Saturday will be the last Saturday of the month meaning we will be open from 10AM to 10PM. We end the week with beauty! The Miss Universe Pageant in the Philippines is this Sunday at 8pm. We will be airing this at the food court!! Stay tuned for lots more happening at Sambil; next week we welcome February and with that, all that is related to Carnival! Are you joining us?