Sambil collects recyclable materials

As Sambil Curacao, it’s part of our policy to contribute through social responsibility with the people of Curacao and to make the world more Eco-friendly possible. Thanks to the close cooperation between Sambil Curacao, Coca-Cola and Green Phenix, now visitors of Sambil can deposit their empty plastic bottles and cans in specially designed recycle bins. These bins were made available to Sambil Curacao by Coca Cola to ensure that the recyclable materials from the food court do not end up in the regular waste flow. If plastic recyclables and aluminum cans end up in the normal waste stream, they will not be recycled, the potential raw materials will lose their value and they will remain present on the landfill for eternity.
Green Phenix will convert the collected materials into high-quality raw materials and make products with a long lifespan. Households can also recycle their plastic bottles and aluminum cans at Green Phenix. They can be brought to Pavilion Zeelandia on weekdays. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday people are present from 7 am to 5 pm. On Wednesday from 7 am to 1 pm. Dynaf also has a collection container in which people can bring their bottles and cans 24/7 for recycling at Green Phenix.