Sambil pa Korsou is back!

On Friday, June 12th, Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Steven Martina together with representatives of the ministry of economic developments (MEO), received a guided tour through the Entrepreneur Zone at Sambil Curaçao.

In the beginning of this year, Sambil launched their campaign called “Sambil pa Kòrsou” with the purpose to promote, support and stimulate local entrepreneurship as a fundamental partnership of the economic prosperity of our island.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which undoubtedly affected the whole world, Sambil was forced to put this competition on hold for a while. Now that the lock-down period is behind us, Sambil and MEO is ready to continue with the next phase of the competition “Sambil pa Kòrsou”.  Of course taking in consideration the necessary hygiene protocols demanded by the local authorities.

Now more than ever we need to support our local entrepreneurs as this will help our island to recover and stand strong economically! The winner(s) will get their own store for an agreed period in Sambil to expose their products and goods and increase exposure on the local market.

The new dates will be shortly announced to the community of Curaçao! And to all the participants who already registered for this competition, stay tuned for the developments regarding the biggest entrepreneurial movement, for medium and small businesses on the island!

Sambil and MEO will continue to support the community of Curaçao and at the same time contribute to the social and economic development of our dushi Kòrsou”!