Sambil pa Kòrsou Ultimate Winners

On Thursday, August 13th, Sambil Curaçao announced the winners of the biggest entrepreneurial movement on the island, the Sambil Pa Kòrsou competition.

Certainly there were great business concepts which surprised us. The ultimate winner was Integra Natural who conducts research on local plants, herbs and fruits and from which they develop organic and natural body care, hair care, pet care and cleaning products.

Integra natural received a completely free unit space for 6 months in Sambil to promote their business and also a cheque for NAF 1000,- courtesy of CINEX.

Director of Sambil Curaçao, Mr. Jonathan Cohen said: “As an international businessman and responsible for all investments made by the Sambil group on the island of Curaçao it was an honor to be part of the jury panel for first entrepreneurial movement in Curaçao and its competition Sambil pa Kòrsou. I had the opportunity to get to know each concept in an original “Shark tank” concept which was created to give each finalist the opportunity to present their business concept individually to the judges. I was impressed and proud to see so much potential along with the participants. All of them deserved to win, behind each concept I noticed creativity, hard work and a winner attitude. I am thrilled to see all these local entrepreneurs to become successful business companies and to inspire people in Curaçao to pursue their dreams in making their business idea a reality boosting together the local economy by creating new jobs and benefits for the local community”.


Other business concepts within the top six are: Dinah Veeris Products, Delighted Piña Colada, The Happy Factory, Cosmeo Beauty & Wellness and Jeanely’s Creations. The most popular concept resulted Dinah Veeris Products with a total of 256 online votes during the entrepreneurial fair held last weekend at Sambil.

Since the beginning of this competition, the Ministry of Economic Development (M.E.O) has embraced this project and sponsored a total of 15 finalists a set of coaching and personal trainings completely for free. Additionally, the Business Brainer will also offer the other 5 finalists a unique opportunity to follow the same sessions for half the price.

Looking at the effort, dedication and passion invested by each finalist in this competition, the management of Sambil decided to offer the rest of the finalists a 1-month completely free unit space at Sambil as well. Thus, the first 6 finalists will receive a 6-months contract completely free of charge. And the remaining 14 finalists, each and every one of them will get a very interesting offer for a 6-months contract from which 3 months will be charged at a very low price and the other 3-months completely free of charge.

Sambil wants to thank everybody who believed and made this project possible. Stay tuned for the next season of the biggest entrepreneurial movement on the island, Sambil pa Kòrsou.