Sambil Pet Friendly Mall

Sambil is the first pet-friendly shopping center in CURACAO. Do you like your little pet close to you? Do you prefer taking him or her everywhere with you? Then SAMBIL perfectly fits your needs! As a pet-friendly mall you and your well-behaved dogs and other pets, can enter the common areas of SAMBIL shopping center and the stores displaying the related pictographs.

SAMBIL shopping mall wishes to provide opportunities to its pet-owner customers for enjoying the SAMBIL experience  together with their well-behaved dogs and other permitted animals. Every owner arriving with their pet must follow the below code of conduct in order to ensure a harmonious shopping experience for everyone and to comply with the related law.


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1.- It is only allowed the entrance to the commercial zone of dogs of small breeds (less than 15 kg) and the stores which indicate their consent with the related pictograph. They cannot enter areas where food is being processed and sold or customer service areas of administrative capacities. The pet should always be carried by an adult.

2.- Birds, wild animals, exotic animals and livestock cannot enter SAMBIL Shopping Mall.

3.-It is prohibited for animals to enter the food court area of Sambil Shopping Mall. It is prohibited that the furniture (chairs, sofas, etc.) of SAMBIL CURACAO be used by pets. The areas of the squares and area of Events will be used for the rest and stay of the pets.

4.- Dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier when entering the permitted areas of SAMBIL. Dogs can be walked only by a person fully able to control them in any situation. Cats, bunnies,  permitted animals must be in a special carrier or cage when entering the permitted areas of SAMBIL.

5.- The person accompanying the animal to the mall can only enter and walk the permitted areas of the mall with a healthy, well-behaved, clean, groomed pet with healthy nervous system in a way which does not cause physical or emotional harm to others, does not affect others’ health, does not evoke fear in others and/or does not cause any damage. Dangerous dogs must be muzzled, must wear a safe collar and must be led on a non-retractable leash not longer than two meters by the person registered in the dog’s license.

6- The person accompanying the animal to the mall must pay extra attention to the order and cleanliness of the shopping mall.

7- The person accompanying the animal to the mall is solely responsible by law for every action of the pet on the premises of SAMBIL compensation for any damage will be demanded from the person taking the animal to the mall, or from the owner of the animal.

8- Dogs entering SAMBIL must have a registration chip (or Similar)  and a current vaccination for rabies.

9.- The person accompanying the dog to the mall must have the vaccination documents or ID of the dog on themselves, which must be presented if required by the staff or security personnel of SAMBIL in order to clearly prove the fact of the current vaccination.

10.- SAMBIL reserves the right to check these documents and the (ID – PETS CLUB) of the dogs any time involving an animal health expert.

11.- SAMBIL reserves the right to escort the animal and the person unable to present the vaccination documents/(ID – PETS CLUB) of the dog off the premises of the shopping Maal.

12.- SAMBIL reserves the right to escort the animal and the person violating points 6 and 7 of the present code of conduct off the premises of the shopping mall.

13.- SAMBIL reserves the right to escort the animal not having a (ID – PETS CLUB) and the person accompanying the animal off the premises of the shopping center.

14.- Should pet accidents happen on the premises of SAMBIL, the person accompanying the animal must clean up the waste and immediately report the incident to the colleague stationed at the Information Counter and ask for disinfectant cleaning.

15.- Aggression on the part of the animal resulting in injuries will be reported to the police.