Vacation Plan with “Little Branies”

The kids had lots of fun during the vacation plan #LittleBranies at #SambilShoppingMall It was four days packed with educational activities for the kids! We started this journey with a valuable information about Astronomy, alignment of the planets and the important role of the Sun! On the second day they learned how to deal with money. Important keep an eye on your savings, give away a certain amount to help others and of course money to spend on fun things!

On Third day, the kids met “Trey and Nairobi”, these are the mascots of #FundashonBosDiHubentut which taught them how to react against sexual harassment. And on the last day, they got hands on with an agriculture master class where they planted their own seeds. Awesome! At the end of four exciting days the kids were super happy they have learned a lot!

Definitely will have this “Little Branies” as part of our next vacation plan at at #SambilShoppingMall